Viking River Cruises and Viking River Cruise Ships

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Viking River Cruises
Viking River Cruises

Comfortably see the world's cities while surrounded by culture and history.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises is the world's largest river cruise line. They showcase the rivers of Europe, Russia, and Ukraine & China. With over 60 ships, Viking River Cruises continues to expand to new destinations, and builds innovative vessels that provide all the comfort of a fine hotel.

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Viking River Cruises Ships

Ship Name Star Rating Year Built Gross Tonnage
Viking Aegir 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Akun 3.5 Stars 2014
Viking Alruna 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Alsvin 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Astrild 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Atla 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Baldur 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Bestla 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Beyla 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Bragi 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Buri 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Delling 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Egil 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Eir 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Eistla 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Embla 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Emerald 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Forseti 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Freya 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Gefjon 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Gullveig 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Heimdal 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Helgi 3.5 Stars 1984
Viking Hemming 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Hermod 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Hlin 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Idi 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Idun 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Ingvar 3.5 Stars 1990
Viking Ingvi 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Jarl 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Kadlin 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Kara 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Kvasir 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Legend 3.5 Stars 2009
Viking Lif 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Lofn 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Magni 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Mani 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Mekong 3.5 Stars 2013
Viking Mimir 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Modi 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Njord 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Odin 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Osfrid 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Prestige 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Rinda 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Rolf 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Skadi 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Skirnir 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Tialfi 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Tor 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Torgil 3.5 Stars 2012
Viking Truvor 3.5 Stars 1987
Viking Var 3.5 Stars 2011
Viking Ve 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Vidar 3.5 Stars 2015
Viking Vilhjalm 3.5 Stars 2016
Viking Vili 3.5 Stars 2015

59 Viking River Cruises Ships

Viking River Cruises Overview

Viking River Cruises is the world's largest river cruise line. They showcase the rivers of Europe, Russia, the Ukraine and China. With over 60 ships, Viking River Cruises continues to expand to new destinations, and builds innovative vessels that provide all the comforts of a fine hotel with attentive Swiss management.

Viking River Cruises - Cocktail Bar

Unlike a bus tour where you spend more time on the bus than actually seeing the country, Viking River Cruises offers you fine food, great service and scenic cruising along some of the world's great rivers.

Viking River Cruises visits at least one port a day on virtually every itinerary, and you can explore small villages off the beaten path that are inaccessible via an ocean cruise. Docking in the heart of town, you'll have more to time to see the cities, not just travel to the cities. You'll experience ever-changing riverside scenery as well as local nightlife when your ship overnights in port. Your cruise will not only bring you up close to historic sites and natural wonders, it will provide an enriching and scenic journey that's sure to be one of the most delightful vacations you'll ever have.

Viking River Cruise Ships

Viking River Cruises has deluxe cruise ships that are built to easily navigate Europe's rivers, while the Scandinavian-designed interiors ensure the same outstanding comfort you would expect from a fine hotel. These maneuverable ships often dock in the heart of town, so you step right into Europe's history-filled cities. The ships' sophisticated hydraulic systems and maximum flexibility allow you the excitement of journeying through engineering marvels like the Main-Danube Canal.

Every day offers an opportunity to stroll on the Sun Deck and marvel at breathtaking 360-degree views of the ever-changing scenery... to savor fine dining in the elegant restaurant... to relax with friends over a game of cards or curl up with a good book in the library... to enjoy a leisurely cocktail in the stylish bar and observation lounge with its large picture windows. And every evening you'll retire in comfort to your well-appointed outside cabin.

You'll cruise intimately with other travelers, and be known as an individual and friend to the English-speaking crew. They'll enhance your shipboard experience and enrich your discoveries of Europe with personal insight into their culture. The ships of Viking River Cruises truly offer you the most rewarding way to discover the real Europe.

Viking River Cruise Destinations

A river cruise with Viking River Cruises is the best way to see Europe, Russia or China up close and in depth. In Europe you can cruise the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube, Elbe, Seine and Rhne Rivers. In Russia, you'll sail along the banks of the Volga River. And in China, you'll experience the wonders of the Yangtze.

Explore the best destinations in the world from an intimate perspective, spending your time being there, not getting there.

Viking River Cruises Accommodations

Viking River Cruises - Staterooms

Viking River Cruises designed their cabins with your needs in mind. All cabins are outside cabins - no dark, interior rooms - and a personal river view comes with each one. Many cabins are equivalent in size to more mainstream cruise ships at around 150 square feet of well-appointed comfort. Clean, Scandinavian-designed rooms offer storage options from wardrobes and bureaus to built-in desks and shelving.

Many cabins feature hotel-style beds and large picture windows that open, two unique features not found on most river cruise vessels. All western European ships have in-room televisions with English-language programming, movies for leisure-time viewing, and telephones so you can keep in touch. And a gracious cabin stewardess will service your cabin twice daily, and will pamper you with turndown service to prepare you for a peaceful night's rest.

Viking River Cruises Dining

Viking River Cruises - Dining

Perhaps one of the most anticipated features of your journey through Europe with Viking River Cruises is the opportunity to sample new tastes. Their chefs are trained in the finest European traditions, with specialties in French, German, Austrian and Swiss cuisine.

When you dine with Viking River Cruises, your needs are anticipated and your desires fulfilled with pleasure. This starts with the dining rooms, which feature extra-large windows for unobstructed sightseeing, and single-seating, open-seating dining so you are free to make new friends. And you'll love the elegance of dining on place settings of fine Norwegian china, Swiss cutlery, premium Indian cotton linens and German glassware.

Start your morning off with a buffet breakfast, complete with a selection of fresh breads, eggs, cereal, pastries, cheese and European cold cuts, plus fresh fruit. You're also welcome to order from a selection of hot items prepared in the kitchen. For lunch, choose from the salad and sandwich bar or enjoy a homemade soup, choice of entrees and dessert. At dinner, you'll look forward to a five-course gourmet menu with a choice of entrees including regional specialties like Roast Pork and Barbary Duck Breast.

Thanks to the talent and creativity of their first-class chefs, every item on a Viking River Cruise menu is sure to satisfy and delight. For those with special dietary needs, they can also prepare low cholesterol, low sodium and diabetic selections on advance notice.

Viking River Cruises Kids & Teens

Viking River Cruises does not have a dedicated Children's Program.

Viking River Cruises Onboard Activities & Entertainment

Viking River Cruises offers passengers the ultimate in river cruising. All itineraries are designed to provide travelers with comprehensive sightseeing opportunities and feature:

  • Attentive personal service including an experienced Cruise Manager
  • Fine gourmet dining and regional specialties
  • In Europe & Russia, the Viking Old World Highlights program, featuring folkloric entertainment, lectures, demonstrations and daily shore excursions led by knowledgeable, English-speaking guides
  • In China, a fully-escorted vacation with English-speaking guides, fascinating guided tours and cultural highlights
  • Accommodations in an outside, river-view cabin with private bathroom and shower, and with hotel-style beds and large picture windows that open in many cabins
  • Intimate, deluxe ships averaging 150 passengers for Europe and just 186 for China
  • Beautifully appointed public areas with single-seating restaurants, bars, and lounges
  • Modern nautical equipment meeting the highest safety standards

Viking River Cruises Past Guests

If you have traveled with Viking River Cruises before, you know that a journey with Viking is a rich experience indeed. But now Viking travel has become even more rewarding! Once you take a Viking vacation, you are automatically enrolled in the Viking Explorer Society, meaning you are part of a community of sophisticated travelers - people who like to expand their world view through river cruising.

Silver Tier Benefits (after 1 trip):

  • Past Guest Travel Credit
  • Members-only onboard cocktail party
  • Calendar
  • Exclusive Viking Explorer Society phone number

Premier Tier Benefits (after 3 trips):

  • Includes all Silver Tier benefits plus...
  • Free onboard upgrades (subject to availability)
  • Complimentary Viking Air Plus services

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