Singles Cruises

Singles Cruises

One of the most common questions we get at is "Do you have Singles Cruises?" The answer is "Yes, we do have Singles Cruises," but it depends upon what kind of Singles Cruise you are looking for?

Whatever your motivation for choosing a Singles Cruise, you'll find that cruising offers you a safe way to travel the world and a social environment that is conducive to meeting others.

As a single traveler, here are your options:

Singles Group Cruises's cruising for singles. Singles Cruises are large groups of single travelers booked on the same cruise departure for the specific purpose of meeting new people. These cruises typically bring singles of all age groups together from all over the country for four or seven days of private singles events. The singles activities are limited to those singles that are specifically booked into the Singles Cruise Group and not for other singles that just happen to be on the ship at the same time as the group.

The beauty of these cruises is that you can travel with other single friends; travel alone and have a roommate assigned to you; or, you can pay more and have your own private stateroom. has partnered with to provide you with an exciting opportunity to cruise with a large group of other singles while enjoying the fun, energy, nightlife and value of Carnival Cruise Lines.

By booking one of these special sailing dates, you can take advantage of private cocktail parties; dine-around seating to meet new table mates each night; dance mixers and other social events; as well as private onboard activities and shore excursions. And you can get to know one another before you set sail by participating in online chats.

Single Supplements's cruising for singles. If the dates and destinations of a particular Singles Group Cruise don't appeal to you, you can take a cruise on any ship or sailing date by paying the normal Single Supplement rate on a sailing at a particular time.

Single supplements are up-charges added to the cruise fare for you to occupy a double-occupancy cabin alone. Most single supplements are 150-200 percent of the lowest per person price available at the time you book the cruise. In other words, if the double occupancy rate for two people in a cabin is $500 per person for a four night cruise, it can be $750 to $1,000 for a single to travel in their own private cabin.

The rationale for the supplement is the fixed availability on every sailing date. Sometimes, the cruise line will offer a promotional opportunity whereby the single supplement will be reduced or waived altogether and this option usually becomes available on short notice.

Single Share

If you want to travel alone, but don't want to pay the higher Single Supplement Rates, some cruise lines have a single share program whereby they will allow a solo traveler to cruise without paying the single supplement. In exchange, you must be willing to be matched with a roommate of the same sex and smoking preference. If no roommate is available, you will have your cabin to yourself at no additional charge.

Single Cabins

Offered by only a handful of niche cruise lines, single cabins are specifically designated to be occupied by one person and may help you avoid the single supplement. If you know you are traveling alone, ask if this option may be available to you.

Single Parents Traveling with Children's cruising for singles. The value of a cruise vacation is particularly evident among single parents. Cruises are multi-generational and offer a number of activities for all age groups. More and more single parents, particularly those who have a set vacation schedules are turning to cruises as a way to spend the most quality time with their kids. No cooking, cleaning or looking for things to do. It's all there for them. For more about Traveling with Kids, check out our Family Cruises section.

Onboard for Singles

The cruise lines love having singles onboard and offer some amenities to make sure they have a great time on board as well.

Cocktail Parties

In an effort to help you meet the other single travelers on board, most cruise lines will host a cocktail party on the first or second day. By attending this function, you may find someone with similar interests to spend time with. Learn the time and location by checking the on-board activity schedule delivered to your cabin.

Gentlemen Hosts

Gentlemen Hosts enhance the onboard social environment where there are several single women booked to travel alone. Most popular in the luxury market and on lengthy itineraries, the gentlemen socialize and make themselves available as partners for dancing and cards, dinner companions and excursion friends. The cruise line carefully screens applicants and chooses educated, well-traveled men with a variety of special interests.

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