Holland America Line - Maasdam

Complete List of Staterooms and Suites

This is a list of all the cabins and suites onboard Holland America Line's Maasdam. Please click a cabin number below for more details about that particular cabin. Please note, cabin decor and size may vary among cabins in these categories. All descriptions are general as it relates to a particular category.

Number of Decks: 10
Number of Categories: 30
Suites 149
Balcony Staterooms --
Oceanview Staterooms 352
Inside Staterooms 130
Total Number of Staterooms 631
Accessible Staterooms 6
Connecting Staterooms 52

Category PS - Pinnacle Suite


Category SA - Neptune Suite

SA003, SA005, SA006, SA007, SA008, SA009, SA010, SA011, SA012, SA014, SA015, SA016, SA018, SA020, SA021, SA022, SA023, SA024, SA026, SA028, SA030, SA033, SA035, SA041, SA043, SA045

Category SB - Neptune Suite

SB002, SB004

Category A - Vista Suite

A117, A119, A121, A127, A129, A131, A132, A133, A135, A137, A138, A139, A140, A141, A142, A143, A144, A145, A146, A147, A148, A149, A150, A151, A152, A153, A154, A155, A156, A157, A158, A159, A160, A161, A162, A163, A164, A165, A166, A167, A168, A169, A170, A171, A172, A173, A174, A175, A176, A177, A178, A180, A182, A184, A186, A188, A190, A192

Category B - Vista Suite

B032, B034, B036, B047, B049, B051, B109, B111, B113, B126, B128, B130, B179, B181, B183, B185, B187, B189, B191, B193, B194, B195, B196, B198, B200, B202, B204, B206, B208, B210

Category BQ - Vista Spa Suite

BQ101, BQ103, BQ105, BQ107, BQ118, BQ120, BQ122, BQ124

Category BA - Vista Suite

BA197, BA199, BA201, BA203, BA205, BA212, BA214, BA216, BA218, BA220

Category BB - Vista Suite

BB038, BB040, BB042, BB053, BB055, BB057

Category BC - Vista Suite

BC044, BC046, BC048, BC050, BC059, BC061, BC063, BC065

Category CA - Lanai Stateroom

CA332, CA333, CA334, CA335, CA336, CA337, CA338, CA339, CA341, CA343, CA344, CA346, CA348, CA349, CA350, CA351, CA353, CA355, CA356, CA358, CA360, CA361, CA367, CA368, CA369, CA370, CA371, CA372, CA374

Category CQ - Large Oceanview Spa Stateroom

CQ100, CQ104, CQ106, CQ110, CQ114, CQ116

Category C - Large Oceanview Stateroom

C558, C559, C561, C563, C564, C566, C569, C571, C572, C573, C574, C575, C578, C580, C581, C583, C586, C588, C589, C591, C594, C596, C597, C599, C602, C604, C605, C607, C610, C612, C613, C615, C618, C619, C620, C621, C623, C624, C625, C626, C627, C628, C629, C630, C631, C632, C634, C636

Category D - Large Oceanview Stateroom

D330, D331, D362, D363, D366, D736, D738, D740, D741, D743, D745, D746, D747, D748, D749, D751, D752, D753, D754, D755, D757, D759, D760, D761, D762, D763, D764, D765, D766, D767, D771, D772, D774, D775, D777, D779, D780, D781, D782, D783, D785, D787, D788, D789, D790, D791, D794, D796, D798, D800, D802, D804, D806

Category DA - Large Oceanview Stateroom

DA533, DA534, DA538, DA539, DA540, DA541, DA542, DA543, DA544, DA545, DA546, DA547, DA550, DA551, DA552, DA553, DA554, DA555, DA556, DA557, DA633, DA635, DA637, DA638, DA639, DA640, DA641, DA642, DA643, DA644, DA645, DA646, DA647, DA648, DA649, DA650, DA652, DA654

Category DD - Large Oceanview Stateroom

DD310, DD651, DD656, DD657, DD659, DD662, DD664, DD665, DD667, DD670, DD672, DD673, DD675, DD678, DD680, DD681, DD683, DD686, DD688

Category E - Large Oceanview Stateroom

E326, E327, E328, E329, E381, E382, E383, E384, E385, E386, E517, E518, E523, E524, E525, E526, E531, E532, E689, E691, E694, E696, E726, E728, E730, E731, E732, E733, E734, E735, E737, E739, E793, E795, E797, E799, E801, E808, E810, E812, E814, E816

Category EE - Large Oceanview Stateroom

EE318, EE319, EE320, EE321, EE322, EE323, EE324, EE325, EE387, EE388, EE389, EE390, EE391, EE392, EE405, EE406, EE408, EE410, EE411, EE413, EE418, EE419, EE420, EE421

Category F - Large Oceanview Stateroom

F718, F720, F722, F723, F724, F725, F727, F729, F803, F805, F807, F809, F811, F817, F818, F820, F822, F824, F826, F832

Category FF - Large Oceanview Stateroom

FF712, FF714, FF716, FF717, FF719, FF721, FF819, FF825, FF827, FF829, FF831, FF833, FF834, FF840, FF842, FF844, FF846, FF848

Category G - Large Oceanview Stateroom - Port Hole

G501, G502, G507, G508, G509, G510, G515, G516, G700, G701, G702, G704, G706, G707, G708, G709, G710, G711, G713, G715

Category H - Large Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed View)

H304, H305, H306, H307, H308, H309, H311, H316, H317, H373, H379, H380, H393, H394, H403, H404, H415, H416

Category HH - Large Oceanview Stateroom (Obstructed View)

HH300, HH301, HH302, HH303, HH312, HH313, HH314, HH315, HH375, HH376, HH377, HH378, HH396, HH398, HH399, HH401

Category IQ - Large Interior Spa Stateroom

IQ108, IQ112

Category I - Large Interior Stateroom

I029, I031, I037, I039, I115, I123, I125, I134, I136, I340, I342, I345, I347, I352, I354, I357, I359, I364

Category J - Large Interior Stateroom

J560, J562, J565, J565A, J567, J567A, J568, J570, J576, J577, J579, J582, J584, J585, J587, J590, J592, J593, J595, J598, J600, J601, J603, J606, J608, J609, J611, J614, J616, J617, J622, J742, J744, J750, J756, J758, J768, J769, J770, J773, J776, J778, J784, J786, J792

Category K - Large Interior Stateroom

K500, K535, K536, K537, K548, K549, K653, K655, K658, K660, K661, K663, K666, K668, K669, K671, K674, K676, K677, K679, K682, K684, K685, K690

Category L - Large Interior Stateroom

L395, L397, L400, L402, L407, L409, L412, L414, L417, L423, L519, L520, L521, L522, L527, L528, L529, L530

Category M - Large Interior Stateroom

M503, M504, M505, M506, M511, M512, M513, M514, M687, M692, M693, M698

Category MM - Large Interior Stateroom

MM813, MM815, MM821, MM823, MM828, MM830, MM836, MM838

Category N - Large Interior Stateroom

N703, N705

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